Core Drills also known as annular cutters, broach cutters, etc are the next generation cutting tools for drilling holes in metals. In our article, we cover 8 most popular advantages of core drills.

1 . Time savingcore drills holes

As core drills cut only on the periphery of the hole to be made, it has to remove much less material as compared to conventional drill bits which cut and remove the complete material of the hole. Annular cutters are considered to be 3 to 4 times faster than conventional drill bits.

Also while using a twist drill bit or metal hole saw one has to do pre-drilling and step-drilling operations for bigger diameter holes, whereas a broach cutter requires no pre-drilling and step-drilling. It is a one-shot drilling operation.

The annular cutters have fewer teeth and less wear, therefore with an annular cutter holes can be made at higher or faster cutting speed and with a faster feed rate of the drilling machine.


2. Energy savings

single phase machine

Because annular cutters do not have to drill/cut through the complete workpiece, they require less thrust and thus less energy to drill through the material.



3. More finishing

core drills smooth finish

The hole made using an annular cutter is more finished, precise and accurate.




angle drilling4. Easy

Due to the unique geometry of the annular cutters, making holes at awkward angles is also very easy.


5. Efficient cooling

The cooling of annular cutters is internal. The internal lubrication is provided through a hole with the help of a pilot pin. Internal lubrication makes the annular cutter faster and more efficient for deep hole drilling.

6. Does not require very powerful machines

As the annular cutter require very low RPM, these cutters can be easily used with light duty drilling machines or portable magnetic base drilling machines.

7. Sizes

Annular cutters biggest advantage is the variety of sizes. Annular cutters start from 12 mm diameter up to 150 mm diameter and more if required. Various cutting depth (length) of annular cutters can be sourced depending upon the requirement.

8. Re-sharpening

An HSS annular cutter can be easily re-sharpened on a grinding machine and can be re-used for drilling. Re-grinding can be done until the desired cutting length is available on the annular cutter.


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