Available in SOLID, FLEX and STRONG versions, the CC-GRIND family offers just the right tool for every application and every workman.

Introducing the new STRONG model
The latest addition to the CC-GRIND range goes under the name of ‘STRONG’ and is made up of three layers of abrasive. The tool life of this product is thus roughly three times longer than that of the renowned CC-GRIND-SOLID. In keeping with the PFERDVALUE concept for the CC-GRIND family as a whole, vibration and noise levels have again been reduced by 50%. And there is even 70% less dust.

Unsurpassed stock removal rate
The CC-GRIND family is not just superior to standard reinforced grinding wheels from an ergonomic point of view, but also in terms of performance. The amount of stock removal with CC-GRIND-SOLID grinding discs is twice that achieved with conventional reinforced grinding wheels. The removal rate of DELTAGRAIN versions is even three times higher.

High-performance abrasive DELTAGRAIN
TheCC-GRIND-SOLID SGPandCC-GRIND-FLEX SGPgrinding discs are also available with the high-performance abrasive DELTAGRAIN. The high-performance versions combine one of the best abrasives on the market with innovative PFERD tool designs and offer users the following benefits:

Extremely powerful action for quick results
A longer tool life than with reinforced grinding wheels and many flap discs
Far better ergonomic performance: 50% reduction in noise and vibrations, 80% less dust
Composite structure of fibre-glass backing pad guarantees safe, robust operation
Produces a much better surface than reinforced grinding wheels


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