New electric micro motor system from PFERDmakes effective cost reduction possible – strong,maintenance-free handpiecesimpress with high comfort for users.

As a cost-effective and very versatile alternative to high-speed air grinders with 1,000 to 60,000 RPM, PFERD presents a new micro motor system for tool- and mould making, but also for countless other applications. Thanks to the wide range of rotational speeds of this drive system, many air grinders can be replaced and there is no need for the cost-intensive, complex and inflexible infrastructure of a compressed air supply, either. Thereby, the costs for operating the drive can be lowered by up to 66%.

The system consists of acontrol unit, which can be combined withdifferent handpieces– depending on the application and requirements – and controlled with anoptional foot switch. The performance of the system impresses with a strong power output of 150 W (power input of 260 W) and exactly meets common requirements, e.g. driving tungsten carbide burrs, HSS rotary cutters, mounted points, fine grinding and polishing tools, small diamond and CBN tools as well as industrial power brushes.

The stepless rotational speed adjustment from 1,000 to 60,000 RPM allows the precise adjustment to different parameters, including the tool, the material to be worked on and the application. The handpieces are equipped with maintenance-free brushless motors, which are characterized by high concentricity and stable rotational speeds. An on/off switch directly at the handpiece and the light, slim design with an extended spindle allow comfortable working. The handpiece can be controlled with a variable-speed foot switch. Depending on the handpiece used, the maximum rotational speed is automatically limited to the maximum permissible value. The handpieces are available with strong quick-mounting systems with a very high clamping force or with conventional mounting systems. Compared to air grinders, the motors run much more quietly and save energy and time.

With this system, PFERD introduces another solution for reducing labour costs and increasing cost-effectiveness. At the same time, its ergonomic design impresses and the system meets the strict PFERDVALUE requirements regarding ergonomics and cost-effectiveness.


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