A pair of work trousers with a perfect fit? Not only the right size, but also the right inside leg length matters! Discover how to measure it correctly and find the trousers that will fit like a second skin!


  • Stand up straight
  • Measure your inside leg length from the crotch to the desired length
  • Mind not to pull the measuring tape too tight

TIP: It’s not recommended to measure your own inside leg length. Since you would have to bend over to measure it, the result would be incorrect. Best to ask help from someone else!


Check the DASSY size charts to choose the right size. In order to do so, you need to measure your waist circumference around the smallest part of your waist. Make sure to keep the tape horizontally.

Because every body is different, most sizes are available in 3 different inside leg lengths:

  • STANDARD: Your inside leg length is 81 cm (32”)? The STANDARD model is your perfect fit!
  • MINUS: You are a bit smaller than average? Choose the MINUS. No need to shorten your trousers thanks to its inner leg length of 75 cm (30”).
  • PLUS: For taller people our PLUS model with its inner leg length of 87 cm (34”) will fit like a glove!

Still no perfect fit? All DASSY work trousers, overalls and brace overalls have a special large hem. This means that the trousers can easily be extended: you just undo one seam in the hem and obtain 5 cm extra (about 2 inches)! Thanks to the large hem, the lengthened trousers are still nicely finished.

TIP: Use a seam ripper to undo the seam. This sewing equipment will prevent damage to the fabric.

In a nutshell:

MINUS (short) STANDARD (normal) PLUS (long)
Inside leg length 75 cm | 29.5 inches 81 cm | 32 inches 87 cm | 34 inches
Length with large hem 80 cm | 31.5 inches 86 cm | 34 inches 92 cm | 36 inches

A few examples:

>> You want to order a DASSY® MAGNETIC . Your waist size is 77 cm (30.3”) and your inside leg length is 76 cm (29.9”). What you need is a size 40 MINUS. Moreover the MINUS model will guarantee that your knee pockets are at the correct height.

>> You want to order a DASSY® SEATTLE. Your waist size is 81 cm (31.9”) and your inside leg length is 97 cm (38.2”). Therefore you need a 42 PLUS (= inner leg length of 92 cm | 36”). If you extend the large hem, you’ll gain 5 cm and your trousers will have the perfect length!


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