PFERD can now offer an innovative, highly efficient alternative to conventional reinforced grinding wheels. The CERAMIC SG COMFORT reinforced grinding wheel provides better performance and improved ergonomics.

Reinforced grinding wheel CERAMIC SG COMFORT
A further product has now been added to the PFERD range for users not wishing to do without reinforced grinding wheels. The new CERAMIC SG COMFORT reinforced grinding wheel for steel. The wheel can be used just like a conventional reinforced grinding wheel, but can offer plenty of advantages.


  • Extremely fast working and highly economical operation
  • Fewer tool changes thanks to the excellent tool life
  • No restrictions to use – also suitable for peripheral grinding

The CERAMIC SG COMFORT reinforced grinding wheel offers a combination of an abrasive layer with optimum grain arrangement and a reinforced grinding wheel with outstanding grinding performance. The special structure ensures ergonomic advantages in the form of lower noise emissions and less vibration than with conventional reinforced grinding wheels.

Find out more about the innovative alternative to standard reinforced grinding wheels right now. Go to CERAMIC SG COMFORT reinforced grinding wheel.

Read more about ergonomic working and economical operation at PFERDVALUE – Your added value with PFERD.


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