From a kiosk to one of the leading distributors of hand tools and accessories in the region

Through relentless dedication, innovation and unwavering commitment to quality, the company Kožul has come a long way in its 30 years of presence. With ability to recognize market needs and adapt to changes, the company has become a synonym for reliability and excellence.

From humble beginnings as a kiosk to an exceptional rise as one of the leading distributors of hand tools and accessories in the region, the Kožul story proofs that strength of entrepreneurship and a vision that can turn dreams into reality.

  • 1994.

    Establishment of Kožul Company

    Through continuous work since 1994, the Kožul company from Slavonski Brod has undergone significant development, starting from a local enterprise to a synonym for quality tools and accessories for professionals. Due to a precisely set segmentation strategy and continuous development, the company has built trust with customers and become one of the key players in the market.

  • 2003.

    The beggining of Hobi centar Kožul

    In 2003, the Kožul company decided to elevate its business to a higher level by constructing a retail center, better known as Hobi Centar Kožul. With over 1200 m2, this investment expanded the company's physical presence and became the premier destination for enthusiasts seeking top-notch tools and accessories.

    Introduction of the MAX® brand

    While importing and selling foreign tools and products, the company decided to establish, build, and invest in its own brand and tool concept. With this goal in mind, the MAX® brand was registered in 2003, further distinguishing the company in the market and showcasing its ability to meet customer needs and preferences by creating high-quality products under its own name. Currently, the MAX brand encompasses a range of over 1700 different items.

  • 2008.

    Acquisition of the construction company Cromax into the Kožul group

    Through active participation in the construction market, Kožul d.o.o. made a significant leap in 2008 with the acquisition of the company Cromax. The integration of Cromax into the Kožul group not only expanded its offerings but also brought additional expertise and experience in the field of interior design and construction. This synergy enabled the Kožul company to more effectively respond to market demands and provide a comprehensive range of services to its clients.

  • 2009.

    Establishment of Kožul BH company based in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Due to active collaboration with customers in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, the company made an important decision - to establish the Kožul BH company based in Orašje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This step not only expanded the company's geographical presence but also further strengthened its connection with the local market and customers. Introduction of the Max blue line tool range


    MAX Blue line

    In the same year, the Kožul company introduced the revolutionary line of tools called MAX blue line. This product line stands out for premium quality and innovative solutions, setting the bar for precision and craftsmanship in hand tools.

  • 2010.

    Employer of the year

    The Kožul company won the second place in the Employer of the Year competition in the category of medium-sized business.

    High-stacking warehouse built

    The Kožul company warehouse space is relocated into a newly built high-stacking warehouse with a capacity of 1600 pallet spaces.

  • 2011.

    Employer of the year

    - The Kožul company won the second place in the Employer of the Year competition in the category of medium-sized business.

  • 2014

    Celebration of the company's 20th anniversary - over 100 employees and EUR 9 million in turnover

    Through the first two decades of existence, the company focused on development and investments in the latest technologies, setting standards in the tool and accessory industry. With over 100 dedicated employees and a consolidated turnover of 9 million euros, the company has built an impressive foundation reflecting its quality development and impact in this sector.

  • 2019.

    Celebration of the company's 25th anniversary - Achieved record consolidated turnover

    In 2019, the company marked a magnificent milestone - 25 years of successful business, gathering over 1500 guests. In the same year, the company achieved a record consolidated turnover exceeding 13 million euros.

  • 2022.

    Implementation of New ERP and WMS Systems

    The digitalization of Kožul's business operations has reached its peak with the introduction of new ERP and WMS systems that encompass all segments of the company's operations.

    This initiative represents a significant step towards modernizing business processes and adapting to contemporary technological trends.

    The implementation of these systems has enabled Kožul to streamline all its operations, facilitate communication between different departments, and improve efficiency and transparency in all aspects of the business.

  • 2024.

    Celebration of the company's 30th anniversary.

    This jubilee not only commemorates past achievements but also marks the beginning of a new chapter in the company's history. With a clear vision, strategic direction, and a team of dedicated experts, the Kožul company is ready for new challenges and opportunities that the future holds.