Kožul Group

As one of the leading distributors of hand tools and accessories in the region, Kožul Group has directed its business towards the market of Southeast Europe, where numerous partners and customers are located.

The business started in Slavonski Brod in 1994, and through continuous development and a well-defined segmentation strategy, the company transformed from a local business into a synonym for a company offering high-quality professional tools and accessories.

Thanks to a carefully built corporate strategy, the company achieved profitability and continuous development, which led to product innovations through wholesale and retail. As the pinnacle of success, the company’s own brand of hand tools MAX, was created, and the business expanded into finishing works in construction.

By setting high standards and following the same sustainable philosophy for three decades, Kožul, which started as a family business, now employs over 150 people distributed across three different companies:

  • Kožul d.o.o. – wholesale and retail in Croatia,
  • Cromax d.o.o. – finishing works in construction,
  • Kožul BH d.o.o. – wholesale in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Kožul d.o.o.
The company Kožul d.o.o. is a leading distributor of hand tools and accessories in Croatia. In the Croatian market, we have over 1,500 active customers, ranging from large retail chains and specialized centers to small paint, varnish, and hardware stores.
Hobi centar Kožul
With its 40 employees and more than 22.000 items, through continuous development and a well-established segmentation strategy, the local Hobi Centar Kožul has become synonymous with a store offering high-quality professional tools and accessories.
Cromax d.o.o.
The company Cromax d.o.o. has been a member of the Kožul Group since 2008 and is engaged in construction work.
Kožul BH d.o.o.
The company Kožul BH d.o.o. has more than 400 satisfied customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and four commercial representatives.
Own brand MAX
Production of wooden handles for garden tools from the MAX tool assortment.

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