Whoever works in construction, logistics, transportation, or industry knows: good personal protection is essential. Two things are important: safety and comfort. Personal protective equipment (PPE) from OXXA increases your safety and offers comfort during your work. From work gloves to ear protectors. And from fire-resistant clothing to safety helmets. The products are divided into three sublines, each with its specific characteristics: OXXA® Basic, OXXA® Essential, and OXXA® Premium. All products meet European PPE regulations. The difference lies in the details: that extra bit of comfort, a higher level of protection, and special features.


OXXA strives for a world in which every worker feels safe in the workplace. With that in mind, OXXA offers a wide range of comfortable, high-quality personal protective equipment and corresponding solutions.


Thanks to investments in innovation and raising awareness, OXXA has taken a leading position in the field of workplace safety. Within the positive contribution that OXXA makes, constant attention is paid to both people and the environment.
The Kožul company serves as the distributor for the Garsport brand in the Croatian market.