Picard GmbH is a leading manufacturer in the field of hand tools and has been producing them since 1857. The many and diverse fields of activity in which hammers are used require special shaping as well as appropriate and varied weight classes.

High standards

Through decades of experience, Picard follows high standards that require the usege of various steel types and continuous advancements in process engineering, especially in areas such as heat treatment and surface treatment, ensuring a safe and physically tolerable working experience.

Key in the workforce

With a long-standing commitment to manufacturing high-quality tools, Picard hammers meet the needs of carpenters, roofers, joiners, bricklayers and automotive professionals. In addition to the usage of modern production machinery, the hammer production facilities also rely on the essential specialist skills of our workforce, such as toolmaking, drop forging, heat treatment, or grinding and polishing.
The Kožul company is the general representative of the Picard brand for the market of Croatia.