Retail Hobby Center Kožul

The Retail Hobi center Kožul was opened in 2004 in Slavonski Brod on 1200m2 of space arranged on three levels.
With its 40 employees and more than 22.000 articles, and continuous development and a well laid out strategy, Hobi center Kožul has become the symbol for a store that offers high-quality tools and accessories.
The Hobi center Kožul is consists of the following sections:
- Garden section
- Paint and varnishes section
- Paint and varnish mixing and car repair section
- Screw machine products and fittings
- Hand and electrical tools and accessories
- Protective equipment
- Black metallurgy
- Construction
- Sanitary and plumbing equipment
- Electrical material and lighting
- Home decor
Contact Details:
Vinogradska 2G, 35 000 Slavonski Brod, Hrvatska
Tel.: +385 35 491 604
Fax: +387 35 490 801
Working hours:
Monday-Friday 07-20h
Saturday 07-15h