The policy of Quality

The policy of quality of the Kožul d.o.o. company is the foundation on which we built and continuously improve our system of quality and because of that it holds everything we consider the most important elements of our overall business philosophy:

  • THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE MANAGEMENT – The management of the company bears the responsibility of the introduction and application of the system of quality. The decision to introduce and implement the quality system is the expression of our overall business philosophy and our permanent commitment for business activity according to the international principals and norms.

  • SATISFIED CUSTOMERS – The only objective measure of the quality of our products are – our customers. We are here to satisfy their needs and demands. Satisfied customers are the guarantee of our endurance and business success. We consider it our obligation to do everything that is possible to ensure that the customers will return, because of that we always offer services and products that precisely fit the demands.

  • THE PROCESS OF CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT – Nothing in our system is so good that it could not be better. We conduct all our business processes with prescribed methods, but also, we always rethink if that is the best way and if it can be done easier and better. The contribution of the workers that are directly involved in the services is extremely important, because of that we listen to everyone carefully so that we can make a small step forward every day. The process of continuous development of the state of the quality system is the guarantee of permanent progress and the overall quality of our services.

  • THE PROCESS OF CONTINUOUS REVIEW OF THE SUPPLIERS – None of our suppliers is that good that we couldn’t pick a better one. All our suppliers are continuously checked. We want all of them to be our long-term partner to the satisfaction of our customers and our employees. Our satisfaction with the suppliers is a guarantee of the business success to which we ultimately aspire to.

  • TECHNOLOGICAL AND WORK DISCIPLINE – What distinguishes us from our competitors is the professional, qualified and motivated staff, and an impeccable technological and work discipline. Every product realization operation requires maximal technological discipline and constant work attention. Disturbing the technological and work discipline directly affects the quality of our services and products, because of that every such action is regarded as the worst breach of work duty and an expression of disrespect to co-workers.

  • ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION – We think about the future, we are an eco-conscious company. Our influence on the environment today is of crucial significance to the future generations. Therefore, everyone needs to think what will happen to future generations. Are the Earth’s resources limited? Are we going to have them in the future? With recycling Earth’s resources, we want to leave a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations.

  • SATISFIED EMPLOYEES – We want to work effectively, and we want to feel good in our work environment. To our mind that is the best way to achieve the greatest results. Every success of our company we consider our personal success.

Slavonski Brod, 30.05.2018.