The new catalogue is now available! 112 pages of DASSY professional workwear, practical information, useful overviews, tips & tricks … and so much more! Discover the highlights of this new catalogue below or browse the complete catalogue here.


The right outfit? It should also look great! And preferably match your company colours. That is why we introduced several colourful innovations in this catalogue. So now it is even easier to compose a uniform outfit or to easily combine colours.

  • Many items from the Classic and Safety collection are now available in new colours. The entire D-FX collection will soon also be available in midnight blue!
    → Discover these products and their new colours in the catalogue: DASSY® Seattle, Calais, Faro, Lugano, Jakarta, Basiel & Malaga
    → Discover the D-FX collection on pp. 6-13
  • In the catalogue, each product is accompanied by an overview of the available colours. For each colour (combination) there is also a unique colour code.
  • The new, practical colour overview provides you with a handy summary of all available items in the colour of your choice
    → Discover the colour overview on pp. 90-107


At DASSY, we regularly launch new products. Perhaps you recently discovered our new DASSY® Minsk winter jacket? In this catalogue we also present you with a couple of new products:

  • Even on hot days, the DASSY® Bionic helps you deliver a top performance! These two-tone work shorts with multi-pockets have Cordura® holster pockets with tool loops, a lot of practical tool pockets, a multifunctional belt loop,…
    → Discover the DASSY® Bionic on p. 9
  • With the DASSY® Kinetic, DASSY now adds a short-sleeved T-shirt to its D-FX collection. And yes, this sturdy, comfortable and trendy model will soon also be available in midnight blue.
    → Discover the DASSY® Kinetic on p. 13


We aim to design both qualitative and comfortable workwear adapted to the wishes of professionals. That is why the complete fit of our women’s trousers is currently under revision. A side elastic will be added in the waistband and a piece of stretchable material in the waist so that the trousers fit every woman!
→ Discover the DASSY® FOR WOMEN collection on pp. 38-40


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