Tvrtka Picard je prisutna na tržištu od 1857.godine. Picard tradicija proizvodnje čekića stara je više od stoljeća te je plasirala na tržište alate vrhunske kvalitete.

Since hammers of different applications require both specific design, 09.06.2017. The Kožul company hosted Mr. Daniela Gasperia, to give a presentation of new items.

The advantage of the German brand, in addition to top quality, is the width of the program. In addition to standard items, they are the only manufacturers of hammers and closely related plugins for special purposes (roofers, smiths, carpenters…)

Over the years they improved production processes and high standards for steel were created. This is why they successfully comply with all requirements and challenges in the world markets.

Company Kožul believes in the success of the brand on the Croatian market!