The Kožul Group has been placed on the most desired employers list in Croatia for years, and it was twice awarded in the “Employer of the Year” competition in the category of medium-sized business.

The main strategy of the Group is building family relations between workers, and to its future employees we offer:

  • Work in an encouraging work environment of the Kožul Group – the company that operates in the countries of Southeastern Europe working for over 20 years in wholesale and retail of hand tools and accessories, production of our own MAX® brand tools, and the finishing works in construction.
  • The numerous references that the Koužul Group acquired over the years speak to the quality of our tools and services.
  • The Kožul Group offers the possibility of specialization and development, we also offer benefits according to corporate norms.
  • Among our employees we develop an encouraging work environment to evolve new and relevant professional knowledge so that they can fulfil their potential.

If you want to work in an environment that encourages professionalism, development and collaboration, and in an environment that takes care of the satisfaction of the workers, customers and partners in the application form we give the information about the process of employment in the Kožul Group.