Pferd is a leading brand for development, production and support, as well as distribution of tool solutions for surface finishing and material cutting with more than 200 years of tradition. In its efforts to provide only the best to distribution partners and end users, Pferd has positioned itself as an independent, internationally oriented and family-owned company.

Legacy of excellence in tool solutions

The products developed by this brand drive efficiency, productivity, safety and sustainability in the metalworking industry. In addition, an unconditional commitment to top quality, reliability as a supplier and responsible resource usage make Pferd a reliable partner that prioritizes long-term sustainability in its business.

Facilities around the world

Pferd delivers maximum benefit and efficiency to its end users, while everyone involved in the process plays an important role in maintaining its position as an internationally prestigious brand. To meet all consumer needs, Pferd has seven production facilities worldwide and more than 20 diversions.
The Kožul company is the leading distributor of the Pferd brand for the Croatian market.