BOSCH is a leading global supplier of technology and services that has been cooperating with professionals for many years in order to react faster to the new requirements in the development of new electric tools.

Comfort and security

BOSCH hand tools deliver professional results while ensuring ergonomic comfort and protection from vibrations, meeting all your needs. The core pillars of the power tool strategy include a high level of innovation, further digitalization, continuous expansion of online commerce, and growing the business in developing countries.

Blue tools

Besides, blue electric tools have a focus on the highest precision and robustness. Moreover, with an extensive program of accessories, they offer the best conditions for achieving professional work results. On large construction sites and workshops throughout the whole Europe, professionals test Bosch professional blue power tools under the most difficult conditions and with the most difficult tasks can be mastered they happen to be the first on the market in the price-quality ratio category.
The Kožul Company is a distributor of the Bosch brand of power tools and accessories for the markets of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.