Kožul Group

As one of the leading distributors of hand tools and accessories in the region, the Kožul Group has directed its business towards the market of Southeast Europe, where numerous partners and customers are located. The business began in Slavonski Brod in 1994, when through continuous development and a well-placed segmentation strategy, the company became synonymous with offering high-quality professional tools and accessories.

Throughout its 30 years of existence, Kožul Group has continuously developed and expanded its operations, recieving the Employer of the Year award several times, confirming its leadership status in the Croatian and European markets. Since its inception, the company has placed employees at the heart of its business, recognizing them as the driving force and backbone of the company, which is best reflected in the company's slogan – company with soul.

Bacause of carefully crafted corporate strategy, the company has achieved profitability and continuous development, fostering product innovation through wholesale and retail channels. As a culmination of success, the company has established its own brand of hand tools, MAX, as well as expanding its operations into construction finishing works.

With high standards set and guided by the same sustainable philosophy for three decades, family business Kožul currently employs over 150 individuals across three distinct companies:

Kožul d.o.o. –wholesale and retail in Croatia,

Cromax d.o.o. – construction finishing works,

Kožul BH d.o.o. – wholesale in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In its early days, Kožul's business focused on selling brushes and rollers at a kiosk, which over time and effort grew into a business space – the Hobi Centar in Slavonski Brod, now boasting over 1200 m2 of retail space. Kožul's retail center offers customers a wide range of products, while providing excellent service and individualized attention, making it not only a destination for purchasing tools and other necessities, but also a place where every customer feels special and valued.

Continuing its successful operations, two new warehouse spaces with over 1600 pallet positions were built, resulting in fast and efficient service tailored to meet specific requirements and needs to always be available to partners, with goods delivered within 24 hours. Additionally, a professional logistic network, including a logistic and distribution center, enables efficient storage and delivery of goods to customers across Southeast Europe.

Systematically focused on clients and setting standards in the tool industry, Kožul turned to its own production. The production of knee protectors was launched, manufactured in two series – STANDARD and PROFY, as well as the production of wooden handles for the gardening program from the MAX tool assortment. Furthermore, a collection of knee pads for ceramicists and welders was added to the range of products made from PU foam. It is important to note that all products are PAH FREE and comply with EU standards.

MAX® Brand

decision to create, develop and invest in its own brand and tool concept. Following this strategy, the MAX® brand was registered in 2003, which currently includes a wide range of over 1700 different products

Because of constant quality control and ongoing improvement in both design and functional characteristics of each tool individually, the MAX brand undeniably holds a leading position among premium hand tools and accessories. Additionally, due to high recognition by major retail centers and contractors, the MAX work line of protective equipment has been produced.

Mision and goals

For the past 30 years, mission has been to develop and offer a wide range of professional solutions to all customers at competitive prices, providing high-quality products to the satisfaction of end users. From the very beginning, the goal of Kožul Group has been to become the desired partner and supplier for customers, as well as a favorite brand in the market for hand and power tools in Croatia and Southeast Europe.

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